Mohammed Bello

Freelance Writer, Content Strategist, Case Study Writer and more..


Born in a little city called Kaduna in the heart land of Western Africa, I had an indescribable passion for words and writing. While I was still very young, i was wildly interested in helping people solve their problems.

Growing up, I became skilled at reasoning with people, connecting with them on a deeper level, understanding the nature of their problems and offering lasting and relevant applicable solutions.

I decided to venture into freelance writing in particular for two simple reasons; passion and impact. I have an intense passion for painting pictures with words and I want these pictures to make a difference, to have an impact, to change lives, no matter how little. 

I have hobbies too, love travelling and broadening my horizons (have toured the UK, Turkey, Dubai, Egypt and Cyprus), i love horses, swimming, cats and a hot cup of Turkish Green Cay (no sugar) to warm up my mornings and cool off my evenings.