Mohammed Bello

Freelance Writer, Content Strategist, Case Study Writer and more..


Admit it, you are drowning in a heap of work.

On top of that, you have to impress the C.E.O (or at least avoid disappointing him)

Or maybe you are the CEO and your business has a strong grip on you; employees to hire, customers to satisfy, profits to make, liabilities to liquidate.

Either way, articles, reports, web copies, blogs, whitepaper copies, and newsletters that need to be written keep piling up.
And you already know that your business cannot rock unless you write top notch copy that literally draws customers in.

Sounds like YOU are in need of a credible freelance writer

If you are fumbling with keywords like 'Hire a Freelance Writer' on google and scheming through multiple online pages trying to find the right round peg for that round hole...

Then search NO more. You have found Mohammed, and I fit.

I am a professional freelance writer and my job is to dedicate the sufficient time needed to serve YOU.

I will create and develop engaging, well targeted and relevant content that will rake in new customers and keep the ones you already have repeatedly coming back (No, Kidding).

And that is only the tip of the iceberg.

I can do more for you..

- White Paper Copies
- Case Studies (Customer Review)
- Newsletters
- Researched Reports
- Business Plans
- Content Strategy
- Web Copies
- Annual and CSR Reports
- Email Marketing

and more.

Just Drop me an e-mail so that we can immediately see where to start..